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06 Jun 2022

Nationwide extends branch promise to support members

  • Pledge to protect branches in cities and towns extended until 2024 to support members
  • Society encourages members who are facing financial hardship to talk to them

05 Mar 2021

Nationwide Building Society opens two newly refurbished branches in Leicester and Coalville

  • Nationwide opened new, larger Leicester branch at 7-11 Humberstone Gate on 1 March
  • Also reopened refurbished Coalville branch at 32 Belvoir Shopping Centre on 3 March
  • New premises will offer the latest tech and a dedicated community area for members

18 Nov 2020

Nationwide will not leave any town until at least 2023 in pledge of support to members

  • Nationwide backs branches with renewed promise to support UK’s communities
  • Never been more important to support members through face-to-face service

17 Nov 2020

Nationwide launches the sunflower scheme and enhances support for members with hidden disabilities

  • Sunflower Scheme enables members to self-identify where they may need additional support
  • Launch of quiet hours in branches aimed at to helping those who may be sensitive to noise
  • Visual guide of a branch available online to help members with autism prepare for their visit
  • Comes after the Society was the first financial services provider to pilot the lanyard initiative

24 Mar 2020

Nationwide reduces branch opening hours to reduce risk of coronavirus

  • Core hours for most branches now 10am-2pm Monday to Friday and 9am-12pm on Saturdays
  • Nationwide keeps the majority of its 650-strong branch network open with around 50 closed
  • Society implements controls around numbers in branches so two-metre distance is maintained
  • Early opening hours trial ends following govt advice urging people to stay home unless essential

16 Mar 2020

Nationwide opens branches early for elderly and vulnerable during coronavirus outbreak

  • Our branches open hour early for older people and those with underlying conditions
  • We're testing new operating hours in more than 100 branches across UK
  • Branches will open to wider membership from usual opening times
  • We encourage you to sign up to online and mobile banking as more stay home

06 Feb 2020

Nationwide "pops-up" in Billingshurst and Bacup

  • Society will open NEW Community Pop-ups in Billingshurst Community Centre and Bacup Library
    • Billingshurst every Friday, 10am-1pm from Friday 7 February
    • Bacup every Wednesday, 11am-2pm from 12 February
  • Members can book appointments, get support on products and services and attend educational talks The Pop-up trial will initially run for six months

30 Jan 2020

Tap the window to help the homeless

  • Nationwide enables people to help the homeless via contactless window posters
  • Innovative trial at Bath branch raises £100 a day through £3 contactless payments
  • Move follows other charity forays into contactless tech as fewer people carry coins 

09 Jan 2020

'Sad' and 'Bleak' top sentiments associated with high streets as Brits yearn for better days

  • 71% say high streets are vital to the community and shop there twice a week
  • However, ‘sad’ and ‘bleak’ are the top words associated with high streets
  • 72% judge an area based on its high streets and 62% say theirs has been neglected
  • Poll calls for more butchers and bakers and fewer betting and vaping shops
  • Nationwide reiterates pledge to not leave any town or city until at least May 2021

01 Aug 2019

One in four kids don’t know what a high street is

  • 32% haven’t visited a butcher and 23% have never been to a greengrocer
  • But kids prefer shops to online as they can explore, talk and feel grown up
  • Three quarters of parents stick to supermarkets and four in ten shop online
  • Kids want more places to play, more variety and mum and dad to take them

27 Jun 2018

Reading receives flagship Nationwide branch

Nationwide Building Society has today announced the opening of its newly-situated flagship branch.

18 Jun 2018

Northampton manager named Nationwide's employee of the year 2016

Customer Experience manager Caroline Kingston, of Weston Favell, Northamptonshire, took home the coveted accolade, in recognition of her commitment to delivering outstanding customer experience.

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