Fraud and Financial Wellbeing

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22 Jan 2024

Could scammers turn your holiday deal into a holiday steal this January?

  • Nearly 6 in 10 don’t know or aren’t sure how to check if a travel agent, tour operator or holiday booking are legit
  • Nearly a third of people would rush into booking a break without checking if they spotted a great deal
  • 14% use social media sites to book holidays and 9% have booked a holiday after an influencer has posted
  • Nationwide’s Scam Checker Service protects people who are unsure about making a purchase by assessing it

17 Jan 2024

Nationwide - UK's biggest branch network - rolls out over 400 Safe Spaces for domestic abuse victims

  • Britain’s biggest building society joins Safe Spaces initiative.
  • Poll shows impact of abuse, with 24% having experienced it[1] ; over 1 in 4 suffered financial abuse.
  • Nationwide values face-to-face service and promises to keep all branches open until at least 2026.

15 Jan 2024

January 2024 ‘toughest yet’ with next week set to be the stiffest test for cash-strapped Brits

  • 84% say this January is the toughest yet as the cost-of-living crisis enters third year, poll reveals 
  • Week commencing 15th is set to be the most painful as UK await first pay packet  
  • 46% more likely to seek financial support in 2024 as many expect to reach a ‘tipping point’ 
  • 26% would rather receive advice in person than online, with 26% saying it makes them feel more reassured 
  • Nationwide commits to face-to-face service: everywhere it has a branch, it will still be there until at least 2026. 

21 Dec 2023

The great British thermo-spat! Emotions over energy bills heat up as winter kicks in

  • 32% of couples have already argued over the heating and one in four have switched it on behind their partner’s back
  • But Brits are striving to keep heating costs down through extra layers, hot water bottles, blankets and thick socks
  • Nationwide encourages anyone struggling with finances to talk to their financial services provider as soon as possible
  • Britain’s biggest building society runs a dedicated cost-of-living hotline for those worried or struggling (0800 030 40 66)

04 Dec 2023

Stocking killers: Purchase scams threaten to not just ruin Christmas Day but every day

  • Nationwide warns about dangers of buying before checking as crooks target festive spenders
  • But data shows that purchase scams are an all-year affair, with August the busiest month for crimes
  • Nationwide’s Scam Checker Service protects people who are unsure about making a purchase

25 Apr 2023

Investment scams remain prevalent as rise in living costs sees people taking greater risks

  • One in four willing to take more financial risks during cost-of-living crisis
  • Six in ten would agree to invest if they were told they could double their money in a year
  • Nationwide data shows investment scams accounted for 36% of all cases in 2022, with £5K average claim
  • Society data shows South East investment scam hot spots – Kent, London, Essex – recorded most victims
  • Nationwide urges members to contact its dedicated Scam Checker Service if in any doubt about an investment

09 Jan 2023

Women half as likely as men to have identity stolen due to not oversharing personal details

  • Just 11% of women have had their identity stolen compared to 23% of men
  • Women more likely to protect social media but less likely to have friends they’ve never met and share details
  • More than two thirds of people worried about having identity stolen while 17% have been victims
  • 70% share personal details on social media profiles and 22% of profiles can be viewed by anyone
  • 7% never check bank statements for suspicious transactions and 24% never check credit files

21 Dec 2022

All wrapped up: Four in ten households to put heating on all day as a special Christmas treat

  • 38% of people will have heating on all day December 25 compared to just 15% for New Year’s Day
  • Households expect to pay average £212.40 more on energy bills this December versus 2021
  • 60% of households have heating on less than four hours a day as temperatures plummet
  • Nationwide urges members struggling financially to contact its dedicated cost-of-living helpline

28 Nov 2022

Nationwide partners with Independent Age to give additional support to older scam victims

  • New partnership to help the c15% of older members who lose life-changing amounts to scams
  • A quarter of scam victims are over 65, with this group most likely to fall for impersonation scams
  • An expanded helpline service at Independent Age will give support to scam victims
  • Society to sponsor charity’s Scamwise leaflet to help raise awareness of scams

9 items found