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01 Aug 2018

Nationwide announces partnership with data anonymisation platform Hazy as part of Venturing Fund

Nationwide Building Society has today announced its second investment as part of a £50 million Venturing Fund that is designed to create long-term partnerships.

25 Jul 2018

Community spirit thriving as eight in ten Brits would come together in times of need

  • Two thirds say there’s a strong sense of community where they live: East Midlands comes out top
  • Just under six in ten socialise with neighbours and almost one in five consider them close friends
  • Over four in ten rely on their neighbour and just under a quarter has a neighbour that relies on them
  • Taking in the post, collecting a parcel and watching the house while away tops neighbourly gestures
  • Ways to build community spirit include helping elderly neighbours and raising money for local charities

20 Jul 2018

Nationwide Building Society AGM Results 2018

The results of Nationwide Building Society's Annual General Meeting (AGM) held today, 19 July 2018, at Nationwide House in Swindon.

11 Jul 2018

Open Banking for Good as Nationwide kickstarts challenge to close the growing financial capability gap

  • Nationwide puts weight behind major campaign to improve financial capability
  • Open Banking for Good aims to close financial capability gap in the UK
  • Forms part of Government’s Inclusive Economy Partnership, announced today
  • Nationwide will work with Nesta, Doteveryone, Money Advice Trust and Accenture
  • Builds on Nationwide’s social purpose by supporting those who most need it

27 Jun 2018

Reading receives flagship Nationwide branch

Nationwide Building Society has today announced the opening of its newly-situated flagship branch.

27 Jun 2018

The benefit's mutual: Nationwide launches fintech fund to support the development of next generation products and services

  • Nationwide launches new FinTech fund to support its future technology strategy
  • First start-up investment in prop-tech start-up acasa announced
  • Start-ups will benefit from direct support from Nationwide to help develop products and services
  • Society’s mutual status means focus is on creating new long-term partnerships

18 Jun 2018

Northampton manager named Nationwide's employee of the year 2016

Customer Experience manager Caroline Kingston, of Weston Favell, Northamptonshire, took home the coveted accolade, in recognition of her commitment to delivering outstanding customer experience.

11 Jun 2018

Portrait of British tenants shows average private renter may not exist

  • Work together to understand and improve the new housing normal says Nationwide
  • One in three live alone, rising to 45% of retired renters and 40% of those unemployed
  • One in eight have lived in their current home for at least 10 years, though average is four
  • More than a third exist on £100 a month or less, after paying for food, rent and bills
  • Men left with over £100 more disposable income each month than women, on average

11 Jun 2018

Care not to overshare: One in five young people hacked on social media

  • More than eight in ten know someone who overshares on social media
  • Bank card, pin number and password amongst information shared
  • More than a third haven’t set their social media accounts to fully private
  • Video shows how easy it is to get personal information out of unsuspecting 16 to 25 year olds
  • Take our online quiz
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    to see how much of an oversharer you are

25 May 2018

Nationwide launches new loyalty ISA

Nationwide Building Society is today (25 May 2018) launching Loyalty ISA, an ISA version of its popular Loyalty Saver account.

02 May 2018

Independent Brits silently struggling with debt

  • More than half of Brits with debt struggle but six in ten haven’t sought help, poll shows
  • Persistent debt levels result in embarrassment, stress, anxiety and even depression
  • Nationwide working with experts to offer support on managing debt and better budgeting

01 May 2018

Nationwide hires Tanya Joseph as Director of External Relations

Leading communications professional Tanya Joseph has today (1 May 2018) joined Nationwide Building Society as Director of External Relations.

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