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22 Oct 2018

Eight in ten parents saving for children but a third worry about what they’ll spend it on

  • Parents expect to have saved around £7,000 by the time their child turns 18
  • Money intended to help children get a home, buy a car or fund university
  • But over a third of parents have had to dip into their children’s savings in an emergency
  • A quarter have never spoken to their children about money and saving

19 Oct 2018

One in six receive online abuse – with sexism, racism and homophobia fuelling trolls

Poll follows #TogetherAgainstHate campaign aimed at raising awareness of online abuse

  • One in six people receive online abuse while one in 20 have sent hateful comments
  • Abusive, sexist, racist and homophobic posts most common types received
  • Lack of reaction allows hate to fester as a quarter of recipients fail to report posts

08 Oct 2018

Three in ten Brits would fail to spot impersonation scams

  • Three in ten Brits willing to move own money into a new account to ‘keep it safe’
  • Young at risk: those aged 16-24 four times more susceptible than those 55 plus
  • People in London, West Midlands, Wales and North East areas most likely to be at risk of impersonation scams
  • But education message is working, with one in three refusing to hand over money

03 Oct 2018

Half of students lose rental deposit, with eight in ten saying money held unfairly

  • More than five in ten lose their deposit in full, despite over two thirds disputing it
  • More male students get their money back than women
  • Students lose an average of £150 of their rental deposits while at university
  • Lack of experience means many students fail to spot cost of renting

Cash-strapped students are being hit with an average bill of £150 at the end of their tenancy, with eight in ten saying the money was held back unfairly.

30 Aug 2018

Four in ten live on under £6.60 a day after bills – half the UK average and just enough for a meal deal, coffee and chocolate bar

  • Two thirds of Brits are slashing spending as rising cost of living begins to squeeze finances
  • Most finding it harder to survive financially today versus five years ago, new poll reveals
  • But Wi-Fi, gym membership and healthy eating among things least likely to be given up
  • Regional stats show Londoners have over double the spare cash of Welsh - £585 vs £268
  • Findings back Nationwide’s quarterly Spending Report – an analysis of c700m transactions

Brits are tightening their belts as research reveals the rising cost of living is beginning to bite, forcing many to slash spending.

22 Aug 2018

'Back to school' spending rises by 10% in 2018 to £1.63 billion

  • Total spend up from £1.48bn in 2017 with per child spend increasing by around £15
  • Londoners set to spend the most per child with Yorkshire parents spending the least
  • Increasingly more parents worrying about the cost of kitting out their kids – up by 13%
  • More than one in ten turn to Bank of Grandparents for funding and a quarter use a credit card

While the UK's 8.63 million1 school children enjoy the last of the summer holidays, parents have already started to turn their attention to the new school year because of the feared costs of kitting out the kids.

25 Jul 2018

Community spirit thriving as eight in ten Brits would come together in times of need

  • Two thirds say there’s a strong sense of community where they live: East Midlands comes out top
  • Just under six in ten socialise with neighbours and almost one in five consider them close friends
  • Over four in ten rely on their neighbour and just under a quarter has a neighbour that relies on them
  • Taking in the post, collecting a parcel and watching the house while away tops neighbourly gestures
  • Ways to build community spirit include helping elderly neighbours and raising money for local charities

11 Jun 2018

Portrait of British tenants shows average private renter may not exist

  • Work together to understand and improve the new housing normal says Nationwide
  • One in three live alone, rising to 45% of retired renters and 40% of those unemployed
  • One in eight have lived in their current home for at least 10 years, though average is four
  • More than a third exist on £100 a month or less, after paying for food, rent and bills
  • Men left with over £100 more disposable income each month than women, on average

11 Jun 2018

Care not to overshare: One in five young people hacked on social media

  • More than eight in ten know someone who overshares on social media
  • Bank card, pin number and password amongst information shared
  • More than a third haven’t set their social media accounts to fully private
  • Video shows how easy it is to get personal information out of unsuspecting 16 to 25 year olds
  • Take our online quiz
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    to see how much of an oversharer you are

02 May 2018

Independent Brits silently struggling with debt

  • More than half of Brits with debt struggle but six in ten haven’t sought help, poll shows
  • Persistent debt levels result in embarrassment, stress, anxiety and even depression
  • Nationwide working with experts to offer support on managing debt and better budgeting

27 Feb 2018

Waiting for the January Jackpot: First payday of 2018 fails to deliver as average Brit is £250 out of pocket due to festive overspend

  • Six in ten say their finances are out of shape, according to new poll from Nationwide
  • One in four won’t have their account up straight until May while one in ten say December
  • £119 difference between highest and lowest regions for savings expectations across 2018
  • Seasonal survey forms part of Nationwide’s Q4 Spending Report, dissecting 200m transactions
  • February is set to be a tough month as research reveals the average Brit is already £246.60 out of pocket by the time they are paid in January.

19 Apr 2017

Paradise Lost: Quarter of Brits end up more stressed after their holiday than before

Poll shows vacations are full of worry as a quarter of Brits take two to three days to relax

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