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22 Mar 2021

Half of renters have no home insurance in place, despite average £25k value of contents

More than two million privately rented households in the UK have no insurance policy on their properties, despite the contents of an average property amounting to £25,126, according to a new poll.

The gap in cover is shown in new research by Nationwide Building Society as it highlights the need to protect belongings in homes, regardless of whether they are owned or rented.

22 Mar 2021

A year of lockdown in numbers as Britain spends over £700 a month on living best life indoors

  • Research from Nationwide reveals Brits spent £8,465 on entertainment at home
  • National poll comes as UK marks a year of lockdown measures on March 24
  • Amazon, clothes, takeaways, and DIY ranked in league table of spend
  • Eats and treats offset as Brits exercise more and keep in touch with friends & family

17 Mar 2021

Future of flexible working: research reveals pandemic pressure on mums but desire for remote working going forward

  • Impact on wellbeing of homeworkers with children significantly worse than those without
  • Despite homeworking and home-schooling pressures, Nationwide and Ipsos MORI research reveals 6 in 10 with kids at home say remote working leads to better work-life balance
  • Women working remotely with children at home more likely than men to report that their mental health got worse because of Covid-19, according to the research
  • Nationwide calls on UK employers to consider what flexible working should mean at a time the nation slowly eases out of lockdown as the vaccine rollout continues
  • Flexible working champion Anna Whitehouse, known as ‘Mother Pukka’, launches findings alongside Nationwide

18 Feb 2021

Lockdown savers put away average of £1,085 as pandemic forces mindset change

  • Covid-19 has long-term impact on importance of savings, particularly for younger people
  • Brits prepare for post-lockdown ‘sunny day’ plans with holidays top of nation’s wish-list
  • Five and half months is how long people believe they need to save to realise future plans
  • Nearly four in ten add to savings since first lockdown, including one in four lower earners
  • But despite positive savings signs, many are still struggling to build a financial buffer

12 Feb 2021

Nationwide launches new advertising campaign that puts savings at the heart of post-lockdown plans

  • New advertising campaign looks to the future and people’s plans post-lockdown
  • Aims to build on savings momentum Nationwide encouraged through Payday Saveday
  • Forms part of Society’s ‘Voices’ campaign; runs across both TV and newspapers

11 Jan 2021

Nationwide to lead cross-sector group aimed at helping find ways to rebuild post COVID-19

  • Expanded group consists of major UK retailers and consumer groups and will meet each quarter
  • Panel will measure and assess impact of Brexit and Covid as nation hopes to recover and rebuild
  • Nationwide focussing future efforts on four areas: Home, Work, Financial Wellbeing & Community
  • Initial research from Ipsos MORI reveals changing societal needs across these four areas of life

02 Dec 2020

Brits more worried about bagging a bargain online than protection from potential scams

  • Quarter of Brits chose getting a bargain over protecting themselves against scams, poll shows
  • Four in ten would buy from a website or company they've never heard of in order to bag a deal
  • Around three in ten have transferred money directly into seller's account despite risk of scams
  • Close to a third don’t know how to identify a safe website and a fifth fail to research the sellers

23 Nov 2020

Nationwide predicts Black Friday transactions will be reduced by up to 20% due to second national lockdown

  • Transactions expected to fall by up to 20% drop due to second national lockdown – the first year on year fall since Black Friday was introduced to the UK a decade ago
  • Nationwide members still expected to collectively spend nearly £155,500 a minute
  • Research reveals Brits will spend an average of £172 on Black Friday and £160 on Cyber Monday
  • Many to regret impulse buys as a fifth confess to having returned purchases they made last year
  • Live data: Consumer spending data to be available for media on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

07 Nov 2020

University of strife: Money worries add to first-year student woes as COVID-19 continues

  • Seven in ten undergraduates fear they won’t be able to get part-time work due to Covid
  • More than half say they will be left with more debt if they can’t find work at university
  • 38% expect to spend less this year as a result of the impact Covid will have on them
  • New financial concern this year as 40% admit they don’t know how they’d pay Covid fines
  • Nationwide FlexStudent rated one of the UK’s best student current accounts for 2020

04 Nov 2020

Nationwide sees peak in spending as lockdown looms

With the impending lockdown, Nationwide has been seeing a peak in spending

27 Oct 2020

62,400 savers pass £100 goal as prize draw encourages people to start a savings habit

  • Start to Save prize fund nearly doubles as twice as many hit threshold for second prize draw
  • 137,000 Start to Save accounts opened by end of September - up 90k since end of April
  • Prize fund stood at £89,700 with one in 37 chance of winning, equating to 897 winners

26 Oct 2020

Fears of further COVID-19 panic buying dampened as supermarket spending remains stable

  • Ratcheting up of lockdown measures hasn’t seen another surge in supermarket spending
  • Total spend across supermarkets (10 Aug – 4 Oct) up by 23% on same period in 2019
  • Spend in supermarkets up 10% against earlier in 2020 but without weekly spikes
  • London sees biggest increases in spend: six times more than Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • Eat Out to Help Out data shows spend fell except on Fridays and Saturdays in 4 weeks after it ended

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