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09 Jan 2020

'Sad' and 'Bleak' top sentiments associated with high streets as Brits yearn for better days

  • 71% say high streets are vital to the community and shop there twice a week
  • However, ‘sad’ and ‘bleak’ are the top words associated with high streets
  • 72% judge an area based on its high streets and 62% say theirs has been neglected
  • Poll calls for more butchers and bakers and fewer betting and vaping shops
  • Nationwide reiterates pledge to not leave any town or city until at least May 2021

06 Jan 2020

Brits spend £1,700 a year on office treats and meets

  • British office workers spend £1,715, including on nights out, coffees, birthdays and charity
  • Feelings of unhappiness and pressure occur when requests for money do the office rounds
  • A third borrow money from colleagues with more than one in ten not paying the money back
  • Eight in ten office workers socialise with colleagues; more than one in ten out 4-6 days a week

05 Dec 2019

Brits let the tills ring out for Christmas as average spend hits £727 for presents and festivities

  • People spend an average of £725 at Xmas on presents, preparations and workplace festivities
  • But more than a third don’t budget at all, while 81 per cent of those who do overspend
  • Nearly one in five admitted to struggling last Christmas, with one in 20 left in significant debt

29 Nov 2019

Babies not booming as major UK savings study reveals 'Gen Z' lags behind older crowd

  • Major survey from Nationwide reveals stark contrasts in how different generations save
  • One in ten 18-34-year-olds don’t know difference between a current account and savings
  • Nationwide data shows those aged 66-75 twice as likely to have £1k savings than 18-25s
  • But younger savers more likely, and willing, to discuss finances with friends and family
  • As Black Friday arrives, Nationwide is encouraging people to start saving regularly

24 Nov 2019

Brits expected to spend big on black Friday but four in ten will return impulse buys within days

  • Nationwide members predicted to collectively spend over £125,000 a minute on Black Friday
  • Mobile Bank logins up a 20 per cent compared to regular Friday as shoppers check balances
  • Brits spend more instore than online, but average online transaction is nearly double (£48 vs £25)
  • But poll shows a fifth regret their impulse purchases and end up returning items just days later

18 Nov 2019

House-share from hell: Brits reveal lack of sharing leads to housemate squabbles

  • Four in five Brits admit to disagreements with housemates
  • Cleaning and bills key causes of arguments, according to new poll
  • People choose to live together due to financial difficulty of living alone
  • One in three pay more than their fair share, adding extra £339 per year
  • Quarter have even lost a friend due to a household disagreement

09 Oct 2019

Spend like a rockstar: Brits blow quarter of spare cash within 48 hours of payday

  • 1 in 5 spend over half their spare monthly wages within 48 hours of getting paid
  • Impulse purchases soar after payday, leaving 59 per cent with spending regrets
  • 6 in 10 have less than £100 in their accounts before they get paid 
  • 15 per cent have no money at the end of the month, with funds running out 6 days before payday
  • More than half dip into savings to sustain themselves until payday

23 Sep 2019

Fastest rise in Empty Homes since Recession

  • Action on Empty Homes and Nationwide Building Society call for targeted national investment to bring homes back into circulation to help reduce the housing crisis 
  • Empty homes in England increase by 5% (11,000) – double the rise of previous year
  • Now more than 200,000 empty homes across the country after second year-on-year rise

16 Sep 2019

Downsizing snub as half of older Brits refuse to move

  • Only a third of over 55 year olds plan to move to a smaller house, shows Nationwide poll 
  • More than half see their current property as their forever home  
  • Four in ten haven’t thought or don’t know about how they will cope with their home in retirement
  • But more than one in five say they will rely on family to help them with the upkeep of their home

13 Aug 2019

Putting things off costs people £29,200

  • Leaving things to the last-minute costs people £449 a year or £29,200 over a lifetime
  • 63% identify as procrastinators, leaving it late to buy gifts, plan holidays and save money
  • Men procrastinate more costing them £571 a year, compared to just £325 for women
  • One in three feel guilty about not exercising, 29% feel bad about not saving money

01 Aug 2019

One in four kids don’t know what a high street is

  • 32% haven’t visited a butcher and 23% have never been to a greengrocer
  • But kids prefer shops to online as they can explore, talk and feel grown up
  • Three quarters of parents stick to supermarkets and four in ten shop online
  • Kids want more places to play, more variety and mum and dad to take them

26 Jun 2019

Four in ten Brits lose then find their bank cards as Nationwide enables people to temporarily switch them off

  • Members can freeze and unfreeze their bank card by phone instead of cancelling
  • Most commonly lost items include glasses, keys, bank cards and gadgets
  • Most likely places to lose items include our bags, back of the sofa and our pockets
  • 53% of those in West Midlands lose bank cards vs just 38% of those in South West

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