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10 Dec 2021

Buy now, think later: one in eight Brits risk being scammed this Christmas as they flout basic checks

  • Low stock on must-have items forces Brits to snap up items as soon as they are spotted
  • One in eight would rush into a purchase this year even if it looked too good to be true
  • More than one in ten have been duped yet one in three say they’ll never be scammed
  • Nationwide data suggests those aged between 21 and 30 most susceptible to purchase scams
  • Two-thirds store details on websites, but one in eight don’t know how many their details are on

27 Sep 2021

Nationwide announces new service to give members enhanced scam protection

  • New Scam Checker service allows members to check a payment they may be worried about 
  • Promise to refund those who go on to be scammed after being given the green light 
  • Analysis suggests 65% of scams could be identified and stopped by speaking to someone first 
  • Society campaigns for improved Online Safety Bill and enhanced code to protect scam victims

24 Sep 2021

Mule regret it: Cash-strapped students an easy target for fraudsters as one in three willing to take a gamble with money

  • Money worries make third of students consider opportunity to make easy money, even if suspicious
  • Nearly a third of students would allow someone else to use their account/transfer money for them
  • Two thirds of students don’t know what a money mule is (vs UK average: 56%)
  • Only half of students would tell the police if approached to be a money mule

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