24 Nov 2023

Nationwide live Black Friday data - 2pm update

By 2pm today, Nationwide members had made 4.69 million transactions – 12 per cent higher than a typical Friday.

The number of purchases is 4 per cent higher than on Black Friday 2022 and a 12 per cent higher than on the same day in 2021.

Mark Nalder, Nationwide’s Director of Payment Strategy, said: “Black Friday continues to go from strength to strength today as shoppers carry on searching for bargains. The traditional lunchtime period has seen a boost in spending and by 2pm, the number of transactions made were 12 per cent higher than a traditional Friday and 4 per cent up on Black Friday last year. We expect spending to remain strong throughout the rest of the day in what will be a welcome boost for retailers online and on the high street.”

The next update will be at 5pm.