08 Oct 2023

Nationwide challenges the banks as it commits to high street in biggest rebrand since 1987

  • World’s largest building society - one of UK’s biggest and most trusted names -modernisesbrand​ 
  • Forms part of mutual’s efforts to offer ‘a good way to bank’ through leading service, value and fairness​ 
  • Move follows promise to keep branches open, unlike banks, with all 605 to be updated with new branding​ 
  • Comes in the same year Nationwide returned £340millionof its profit to members through Fairer Share​ 

Nationwide will undertake its most significant rebrand in a generation as it commits to the High Street at a time banks continue to close branches. All 605 branches are to receive investment as Britain’s biggest building society protects face-to-face service.  

The new look for one of Britain’s most trusted brands represents its biggest image overhaul since 1987 – when Nationwide changed its logo from a cooperative pyramid to the ‘village icon’ and the average house cost just £40,8821. It is aimed at ensuring Nationwide - a member-owned mutual - remains attractive and relevant for future generations of customers looking for a financial services provider that puts people before profit.​ 

Debbie Crosbie, Chief Executive of Nationwide Building Society, said:“Nationwide offers a large-scale alternative to the shareholder-owned banks. As a major challenger, we are committed to offering a good way to bank for our customers through better service, value and fairness. Our rebrand is the most significant in 36 years and ensures we continue to be relevant for the needs of customers today and tomorrow.”​ 

Alongside branches, all payment cards and customer communications will be updated with the new brand as part of a commitment to offer ‘A Good Way To Bank’, based on offering leading service, value and fairness. ​ 

It is the latest move by Nationwide that challenges the shareholder-owned banks by demonstrating the difference a member-owned institution can make for its customers and society. ​ 

In June, Nationwide extended its Branch Promise, meaning it won’t leave any town or city in which it is based until at least 2026. And in May, Nationwide announced it was returning £340 million of profit to 3.4 million eligible members through its inaugural ‘Fairer Share’ payment, with each receiving £100.